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Besity.app is a platform that supports policy makers, local governments and businesses in retaining citizen and competencies, in facilitating labour inclusion, in fostering community building and in addressing newcomers’ needs.

It does so by leveraging systemic knowledge, providing data and evidence based recommendations.

The app helps in

  • Accompanying non-local workforce and their families during their on-boarding in a company and settlement in the local community
  • Improving accessibility of non-local workforce and their families to the local job market and to local citizen services
  • Bringing to the attention of local businesses hidden skills sets of employees and their families
  • Identifying satisfaction levels of individuals, into their working environment and into the social tissue of the local community, eventually providing structured representation of data for local policy makers and local business management
  • Providing a space for bidirectional feedback about the integration process among businesses, the municipality and all its inhabitants
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